Maintaining Your Backyard Oasis Through Fountain Blue Pools

Owning a pool can feel overwhelming at times due to the immense amount of work that is required in order to maintain them. From maintenance, to pool design, to inspections, to heaters, pumps, cleaners and lighting systems, all of these aspects go into ensuring that your pool is in working condition. In order to create your backyard oasis you need to make sure that everything is in working order, and that’s where Fountain Blue and their expert technicians come into play. Not only do they offer comprehensive pool and spa repair services, but they also do pool remodelling, custom designs, pool inspections and offer products from cleaners to heaters in the Palm Beach area.

What Maintenance Services Do They Offer?

Regardless of whether you own a residential pool, or have a commercial pool to take care of, you can get weekly site visits to ensure that the chemicals within your pool are balanced for swimmers. Fountain Blue Pools also offers brushing services of the interior to get rid of any unwanted leaves, bugs, and debris. They can also clean up the perimeter of the pool area, net through the pool, clean up the pump, vacuum the bottom, and clean out the filter cartridges. However, if you prefer to maintain your own pool, than they also offer straight chemical programs that look at just balancing the chemicals in your pool.

What Repair Services Do They Offer?

From time to time your pool will break, but with the expert technicians at Fountain Blue Pools, they can fix any structural, plumbing or mechanical breaks. They offer repairs on the following areas:

  • Pumps/Motors,
  • Filters,
  • Automatic Cleaners,
  • Pool Lights,
  • Heaters/Solar Pumps,
  • Leak Repair.

In addition to this, they also offer swimming pool inspections, pool remodelling and do custom designs if you are thinking about creating your very own backyard oasis.

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How to Keep Your A/C System Running All Season Long

Ah, summer. We dream of it all winter long, but when the temperatures actually start to rise, we start seeking shelter from the heat. A functioning air conditioning system is one of the most important things a home can have, and you should be taking care of it, unless you like the idea of trying to fan your whole family off in sweltering heat. Here are some important tips for maintaining your a/c system.


Get It Inspected!

A home a/c system is like a car: it’ll seem to work fine until it suddenly breaks down, and when it does, it’s a disaster. To prevent that from happening, make sure to get your system checked out yearly by a professional HVAC company like McCrea Heating and Air Conditioning. They’ll be able to diagnose problems before they become catastrophes, as well as perform some standard maintenance tasks that will keep your system running smoothly for years.


Don’t Let It Collect Dust

Okay, maybe you live in a temperate climate and you try not to run your cooling system at all. It saves money, it’s good for the environment, what’s not to like? But the fact of the matter is, if you let your system sit idle for too long, it can collect dust and debris that will impede future performance. Try to run it for at least a couple days during the summer.

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Property Value by Title

One can calculate the property value by title before purchasing any land in order to discover the accurate worth of it. Purchasing a land without estimating its worth would not be good because without verification you may pay higher than the actual worth of land. You should have the complete information about the land for making a precise property deal. A property value by title search would give full information of land which would be helpful for you when making the documents for property deal.

It is necessary to make sure that the information provided in the deal documents is accurate for making a legitimate property deal. A property value by title search would give all the required information that you would require on the land documents. A property value by title would also give information about the properties in the same vicinity. This information would usually be about the recently sold properties. The most important information that you would get about recently sold properties would be the price of those properties at which they are sold. By knowing the price of these properties, you would have an idea of the worth of your land. In this way you would be able to pay the right price of land.

When you would plan to do property value by title search then you would have to be thoughtful, especially when in the process of finding a good resource. You would have to verify the validity of the resource before employing it for your quest. There are many land assessment resources on the Internet which can also be used to find property value by title. You can also get assistance from these resources for assessing the worth of the land. The price of investigation about one property on these resources should not be above twenty dollars. Anyone who is going to engage in property deal should not have any problem in paying this amount in order to make the deal safe and secure.

A property value by title search on the Internet would also give records of previous transactions of the property. By going through previous transactions you would know about the price at which the land was sold. The price information for the last transaction would be the most important information for you. You must choose a resource which provides information about previous transactions; this would be really handy for you for determining the worth of land.

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Motivating Note Holders To Sell

Success in the discounted cash flow business is like any business: it takes skill, training and know-how. It begins with an effective marketing campaign that builds a relationship and trust with potential clients. Building trust, creditability and a relationship helps ensure that your services are considered first if and when a note holder decides to sell. How do you get a note holder convinced that selling their note could help them out financially and reduce the risk associated with carrying the note? It isn’t easy, but some common sense techniques can dramatically improve your success rate.

The biggest mistake that most note brokers make is that they try to reach too many note holders and do not make contact with them enough times. Typically they send out their marketing material once or twice, offering to buy their note, and have very little uptake.

A client needs to see your marketing material at least 5-7 times before they start to notice what you have to offer. And that brings us to the second big mistake that many note brokers make: they don’t offer anything to their potential clients, other than they will take the note off their hands at discount.

For someone that is comfortable holding the note, simply offering to purchase the note at a discount is not an offer they will likely accept, particularly if they really don’t need the cash at that time.

When someone takes back a note to sell their property, they often did so to facilitate the sale of their property, at a price and on terms they could live with. In other words, carrying the note was preferable to a discount on the property. Over time, as the note seasons (matures), many would love to have the cash instead of collecting on the payments, but are often not prepared to accept a large discount (just like they weren’t prepared to accept a large discount on their property when it was sold).

It is only when they really need (or want) the cash, that they become willing to accept a discount, which is the basis for your profit, regardless if you decide to broker the note to another investor, or keep it for your own portfolio. It is therefore critical that you build a relationship and creditability with your potential clients to position yourself for success.

Of course the next question should be: How do you do build that relationship and creditability? The answer is surprisingly simple. You offer them something of value. You offer them helpful information for free and you get them to keep that information. If the information is well crafted and informative, you have won part of the battle. If you are successful here, your marketing efforts are used to effectively build a future client base. They will consider you as an obvious choice, if they need the cash, because you brought them something of value.

Next comes the really fun part. You can use the information to motivate your clients to sell the note. Carrying a note back on the sale of a property carries with it some risk. You simply start pointing out some of the risks and how to mitigate them. Is the new property owner carrying enough insurance? Are they paying their taxes? Is the property value being maintained (because the holder may need to own it if they are forced to foreclose)?

This type of information is valuable to the note holder, because it increases the value of the note, and it reduces their risk if they decide to keep it until it fully matures. It is also valuable to you, since some note holders will decide it is not worth all the risks they didn’t fully consider when they took back the note. This is especially true if a payment or two have been missed.

In conclusion, it is critical that your note marketing program offers something of value to your potential clients, and that you get them to keep that valuable information. Furthermore, you can use that information to motivate your clients to sell by identifying some of the risk associated with carrying the note that they may not have fully considered. At the very least an effective campaign with solid information, will build your creditability and increase your chances that if they decide to sell, you will be the first they consider.

For more information on the note business and a complete marketing campaign with proven success, visit my website at Discounted Cash Flow Turnkey Marketing System

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